Super Bowl Sunday – FEASTMODE

Super Bowl Sunday – FEASTMODE

"I'm Thankful"

“I’m Thankful”

This article WILL NOT contain the following:

  • Replace your barbecue chicken wings with dry boneless/skinless chicken breast!
  • Celery is a great replacement for chips and dip!
  • Water will make you feel so much better on Monday than booze!
  • Marshawn Lynch should be the only one eating Skittles on Sunday!

This article WILL help YOU succeed in conquering the Super Bowl Sunday feast this year and forever, while still eating all of the fantastically delicious snacks and foods associated with football. This is the last NFL game for the next 8 months so, by god, enjoy it.


What kind of Super Bowl snacker are you? Are you a one-plate kinda person who loads up, sits down, and doesn’t move between the Star Spangled Banner, watches and listens to every advertisement, suffers through the halftime show, and the entire game until the final whistle? Or are you more of a social butterfly who wanders around, shmoozes and passes the snack table multiple times during the game? Knowing what kind of personality you have when it comes to watching TV will help you prepare for the day of sports indulgence.

The Bench Warmer

I hope someone brings me a Gatorade

I hope someone brings me a Gatorade

You typically are very care free and oblivious to the food on your plate or in front of you during the game. The nosh is secondary to what’s really important, which is a competitive game with a potential wardrobe malfunction. If food is in front of you, you’ll eat it when you aren’t screaming or laughing hysterically at your weird uncle who just tripped over a lazy boy after too many beers. You’ll also happily accept a drink from the waterboy or watergirl, but you won’t go out of your way to get off that cozy bench (couch).

Bench warmers should prepare for the big game by trying to be less mindless when they sit down and view the spread. Plan your attack by portioning out what you want to eat on a plate for yourself and push the platters and bowls of chips, nuts, wings over to the guy sitting next to you. You aren’t going to be tempted if there’s no snacks within an arm’s reach. Really easy game plan here!

The Tight End

Pass the whey brah, but only 223 grams

Pass the whey brah, but only 223 grams

I definitely fall into this category because I can’t help but do a million calculations in my head before I actually take a bite. One big delicious cheat meal isn’t going to hurt your hard-earned weight loss, ruin a diet that’s in progress, or put you on injured reserve…unless of course you get carried away with the booze and become acquainted with a sharp corner of the TV.

Tight ends should give themselves piece of mind and relax during the game by planning in advance for the binge. Try to skip breakfast and lunch or keep the calories under 500 because you’re going to get your fill during the game. This is known as intermittent fasting and is a very effective technique for making room.

The Head Coach

I wonder if Golden Corral is open after the game

I wonder if Golden Corral is open after the game

You are a nervous wreck the entire game. You can be seen pacing the side table where the trail mix, cheese it’s, and cooler are sitting while you take turns biting pizza and your fingernails during the tense moments. You calm your nerves by chewing, which means you are going to be doing a snacking.

Take a Xanax! No, seriously, some folks are just nervous sports watchers and/or eaters. Try to position yourself somewhere away from the snack table, but where you still have a good view of the game. Eat your fill before kickoff so you aren’t feeling the hunger pangs!

The Quarterback

It might get ugly

It might get ugly

Thank you for planning such a glorious American event and letting us completely trash your place! The entire team is depending on you, by the way, so don’t pull a Delhomme and throw four picks in the biggest game of your life. Your electric and credit card bills will be double this month because you’ve been cooking for a week and bought a new entertainment system. The quarterback also has the responsibility of setting up early, taste testing everything on the field before it’s served, and then picking up the and saving the leftovers.

Quarterbacks should send food home with their teammates because having Super Bowl munchies in the house after football season is a recipe for disaster. Also, delegate a couple of friends to help you set and clean up to make the process go by faster and prevent you from taking too many Cheeto breaks. The quarterback has a lot of responsibility and there’s no shame in moving to the backup position next year.



Joey Chestnut has nothing on the MVP

Joey Chestnut has nothing on the MVP

You, sir or madam, are the focal point of any great Super Bowl party. You’ve been pumped up for this day since Tuesday after the Super Bowl last year, have been expanding your stomach over the past week, and already called the Quarterback five times to make sure all of your favorite fixins will be on the table. You have the all-time record for consumption of beer and chicken wings during a four quarter contest and are going to try to break it again this year because you don’t actually have a rooting interest this season. 49ers fans, you are definitely going for MVP status this season!

It’s a given you aren’t going to hold back, Mr or Ms. MVP. Why should you…it’s the greatest day of the year? Prepare yourself by doing a quick crash diet before the game. I recommend a PSMF (protein sparing modified fast). These diets are restricted to lean protein, fibrous and low calorie vegetables, and a couple grams of fat. It will typically be between 1,200-1,600 calories for men and 800-1,200 calories for women every day. You’ll be able to drop up to 2 pounds of fat, or 3-7 pounds of weight leading up to the game! Enjoy yourself MVP, we’re counting on you!

The Referee

Ed Hochuli will knock that wing out of your hand

Ed Hochuli will knock that wing out of your hand

Every party has at least one referee…the guy sitting against the wall, watching the other participants, judging every morsel of food that goes into our mouths, and throwing a flag every time they feel we dipped our wing in ranch dressing too long. Swallow your whistle buddy, nobody wants to hear your crap! Go ahead and bring your kale crackers or whatever it is that you’re eating, but please do us all a favor and quietly watch the game. You’ll get an invite back next year…maybe.

Having an epic Super Bowl party is important and you can game plan to fit your personality! Whatever happens on February 1, you’ll leave with a full stomach and a clear conscience. Can I get a SEAHAWKS!

Phatkins’ Free Nutrition 101: Delicious Fat

Phatkins’ Free Nutrition 101: Delicious Fat

Eat fat to get Phat

Eat fat to get Phat

Fat is the macronutrient that gets a really bad rap. The word has a descriptive homonym with really bad connotations! Fat is a naturally occurring macronutrient and is in almost everything we eat. The biggest difference between fat and the other macronutrients are that it has over double the amount of calories per gram. It’s very energy dense!

Here are some examples of high fat foods:


  • Butter
  • Olives
  • Oils (sunflower, vegetable, sunflower, coconut, olive)
  • Nuts (cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios)
  • Cheese
  • Heavy cream and dairy products
  • avocados
  • Red meat cuts like Ribeye, Porterhouse, Filet Mignon, Sirloin are high in fat


Fat is an essential macronutrient. Every type of dietary plan will need to incorporate some fat or else your body will not function. Fat is used, first and foremost, for energy. Your cells metabolize fat to function. Fat can also be stored in body fat cells (adipose tissue) to keep us warm and protect us from the external elements. The final purpose for fat is to store essential vitamins like A, E, D, and K.

Fat also tastes delicious and is very filling. Think of all of the things you love to eat; pizza, ice cream, chicken wings, burgers, pie, fudge, butter/mayonnaise + anything…all of these have a high fat content.



The RDA for fat in men is 95 grams per day and 70 grams per day for women (based on 2,500 and 2,000 kcal diet, respectively). The RDA for fat is much higher than protein and slightly lower than carbohydrates. I do not agree with the RDA!

Fat really should be the last macronutrient considered when designing a diet plan. Fat should be considered a calorie filler because it’s very caloric at 9 kcal/gram. Protein and carbohydrates should make up between 60-80% of any diet, which means fat should be between 20-40%. Higher fat diets are going to be required when carbohydrates are low or someone is trying to gain weight.


  1. What’s the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat?
  2. What is partially hydrogenated oil?

Next blog we’ll tie the major macronutrients together and go over counting calories for any diet!


Phatkins’ Free Nutrition 101: Carbohydrate Desires – Part II

Phatkins’ Free Nutrition 101: Carbohydrate Desires – Part II

All of the carbz

All of the carbz again

Continued from Part I. If you haven’t read the first post on Carbohydrates, do that now before we jump into the nutrition programming component. The number one question about carbohydrates are “should I cut carbs on my diet?” or some variation of how many carbs to eat. I’m going to get into the specifics of what I think works for the flexible dieter who wants to lose weight while leading a balanced social life. I’ll also discuss optimal timing for eating your carbohydrates on a daily and weekly basis.


Everyone needs to find a sweet spot for the number of carbohydrates your body can tolerate. Generally speaking, leaner and more muscular individuals will be able to handle higher amounts of carbohydrates because of favorable nutrient partitioning. The more lean body mass (muscle) you build, the better your body will be at converting and storing carbohydrates as glycogen, which can be used as energy later. Glycogen is the energy your muscles will use for explosive exercise like sprinting and lifting weights.

People with less muscle and more fat will notice that it’s harder to lose body fat on high carb diets because of a lack of storage in the muscles and slower metabolism. The rule of thumb is you will naturally burn more calories with more muscle mass, and this can loosely be applied to the number of carbs you ingest.

  • Lean and muscular individuals handle carbohydrates better and can eat higher amounts
  • The higher body fat the lower the number of carbs
Get P.H.A.T. with these rules for Carbs

Get P.H.A.T. with these rules for Carbs

A fat loss diet for someone starting out with a high body fat percentage might mean a fairly carbohydrate restricted diet.


A woman at 40% body fat on a 1,600 kcal diet will want to keep the carbohydrates to around 80 grams or so per day, or 560 grams per week. This is technically not so low that it would force your body into ketosis. Ketogenic diets require <50 grams of carbs per day. This woman might want to eat low carb during the week and save up her carbs for a big pizza or pancake cheat meal on the weekend!


Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient that timing should seriously be considered. This is especially true for individuals trying to lose fat because many diets will restrict the number of carbohydrates during the week, so you might as well use them efficiently! Simple carbohydrates from sugar, white bread, white rice, are very easily broken down into energy and can be used during exercise. Intense exercise like lifting weights or sprinting will use carbohydrate and glycogen energy, which is stored in the muscles.

Fast burning for fast running

Fast burning for fast running

It’s most efficient to eat your carbohydrates before and after your workouts! Post-workout carbohydrates are great for replenishing your glycogen stores in the muscles and can be composed of either simple or complex and more fibrous carbohydrates.


How many calories are in 1 gram of carbohydrate?

What is the main nutritional difference between white and brown rice?

How does fiber impact overall calories and carbohydrates?